Jane, Le Renard & Moi - Thao Lam
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Jane, Le Renard & Moi

Jane, Le Renard & Moi

Jane, Le Renard & Moi

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) keeps getting bigger and better every year! This year, thousands came out to help them celebrate their 10th anniversary. It was the largest gathering of local and international authors and artists in the festival’s history. Of all the international artists and authors, my favorite vendor was a publisher from Montreal, Quebec called Pasteque. All their books are beautifully illustrated and written in French. Keep reading…

At the festival, I picked up Jane, Le Renard & Moi, written by Fanny Britt and illustrated by Isabelle Aresenault. Written in French Jane, Le Renard & Moi is a graphic novel about bullies. To escape the harassment and bullying in school Helena finds refuge in the fictional world of Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel, Jane Eyre.

I have a growing collection of works by Isabelle Aresenault. I love her distinctive style. The illustrations in Jane, Le Renard & Moi may look like rough sketches but they are really thought out. Isabelle’s ability to create and convey a mood by omitting details or just giving barely a hint with her pencil is amazing. Jane, Le Renard & Moi is illustrated using two different techniques. The scenes showing the trouble life of Helena is drawn in pencil, shades of gray seems fitting for such sad and dark times for Helena. While the Jane Eyre scenes where Helena finds solace and joy in are illustrated in colour with watercolour and gouache. Though I may not understand a word of French I was able to follow along and enjoy the illustrations.

Jane, Le Renard & Moi,a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author Fanny Britt

My research on author Fanny Britt came up empty handed. If anyone out there has any information, please share.


Illustrator Isabelle Aresenault

Isabelle Aresenault was previously profiled on B is for Books: Spork. Don’t forget to visit her website at www.isabellearsenault.com.


Publisher Pasteque (DE LA) (Oct 30 2012)

ISBN-10 2923841328

ISBN-13 978-2923841328