If I Become a Mayor - Thao Lam
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If I Become a Mayor

If I Become a Mayor

If I Become a Mayor

To wrap up International Literacy Month, I searched my local library for the most diverse book I could find. Keep reading…

If I Become a Mayor was written by Korean author Cecil Kim and illustrated by Rashin Kheirieh, an Iranian illustrator. The version I found was written in Chinese, and from what I gathered it is a story about the electoral process in Brazil.

The illustrations are very stylized and like nothing I have seen before. It looks like a combination of collage and potato stamping, but according to the illustrator’s website the illustrations are a combination of printmaking and linoleum. The technique creates wonderful textures that give life to what would otherwise have been simple shapes. There is a spontaneous feel to Rashin Kheirieh’s work, like a child at work, but the colour palette is mature beyond years. When I think of Brazil I gravitate towards carnival colours, but Rashin kept her colour palette to green, black, brown and beige. Rashin Kheirieh’s work may look simple, but it is crafted with skill and quality. Each illustration looks and feels like it was handcrafted and stamped with the artist’s signature.

Though the illustrations are intriguing, this is one case where I wish I were able to read the text which would help give some context to the art. I am now more intrigued, is this story based on Brazil’s political history, a story about military dictatorship, or a story about a revolution; too many questions that the illustrations alone cannot satisfy.

If I Become a Mayor, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author Cecil Kim

I wasn’t able to find any information on Cecil Kim. If anyone out there has any info, please share.


Illustrator Rashin Kheirieh

Iranian illustrator Rashin Kheirieh illustrated more than 30 books in Iran, France, Spain, Korea, Italy and India. She works in a range of mediums from animation, computer, collage, printmaking, and painting. Born 1979 in Khoramshar, southwest Iran, Kheirieh attended the Alzahra University in Tehran, graduating with a Masters in Graphics.

More one of a kind pieces of work by Rashin Kheirieh can be found on her website www.rashin-art.com