Where to Little Wombat? - Thao Lam
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Where to Little Wombat?

Where to Little Wombat?

Where to Little Wombat?

Where to Little Wombat_01

This week we continue our themes of overwhelming cuteness and wombats. Keep reading…

Following the success of Sometimes I Like to Curl up in a Ball, illustrator Charles Fuge launched Little Wombat into a collection of board books becoming both the author and the illustrator. Following the same successful format as his first book, Fuge gives us Where to Little Wombat? Bored with living in his burrow, Little Wombat searches for a new home. His pals Koala, Frog and Mole invite him to live with them. After discovering that he can’t climb trees like Koala, he’s too heavy to rest on a lily pad like Frog, and he’s too big to live in tunnels like Mole, he finally discovers his own home suits him best.

Like sequels with movies, follow-ups to Sometimes I Like to Curl up in a Ball are not quite the same. The illustrations are still charming, but the story has a different flavour. Under the authorship of a different writer, the stories feel wordier, not the same carefree, exuberances and innocent feel of the first release. Like any big box office franchise, Little Wombat now comes with merchandising – you can now curl up with your very own stuffed cuddly Wombat. I am curious as to the business arrangement because I am assuming that the intellectual property was Vicki Churchill’s. Did she sell the rights to the publisher? Why she didn’t continue with such a successful venture? Did the publisher break up such a dynamic duo and if so, why?

Where to Little Wombat?, a children’s book reviewed by Thao Lam

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Publisher Sterling (August 28, 2006)

ISBN-10 1402736983

ISBN-13 978-1402736988