Up & Down New York - Thao Lam
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Up & Down New York

Up & Down New York

Up & Down New York

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This week we continue to explore the streets of New York. Keep reading…

Up & Down New York gives us a bird’s-eye-view of the dynamic and vibrant streets of New York City. Tony Sarg’s collection of prints gives us a glimpse into the 1920s, documenting the energy, pace and personalities of New Yorkers as they scurry about. The pages are packed with people and personalities, like the city itself the book is fantastic if you enjoy the sport of people watching (and will most likely remind you of Where’s Waldo?).

With no storyline and very little text (just a header identifying the site and a one sentence description), I wouldn’t consider this a storybook but the illustrations do give readers ample of opportunities to make up stories about the lives of the people who fill these pages.

Though originally published in 1926 this period piece will hold the attention of any child or big kid at heart. You’ll find yourself being pulled in, spending hours staring at each illustration and discovering something new each time.

Up & Down New York, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

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Author and Illustrator Tony Sarg

(April 21st, 1880 to February 17th, 1942)

Better known for his puppeteer work Anthony Frederick Sarg was born (April 21, 1880) into an artistic family; his father was an artist, his grandmother painted and his grandfather taught him woodcarving. After her death, Sarg inherited his grandmother’s collection of dolls, animals, miniature houses and mechanical toys, which fueled his fascination with marionettes. Raised in Germany, Sarg studied marionette techniques by sneaking into shows and watching them backstage or laying on the floor so he can observe how the puppeteers manipulated the strings.

Sarg’s reputation as a puppeteer grew and in 1928 he floated the idea of creating gigantic inflatable balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Creating a spectacle these 125 feet long tethered helium filled balloons was marched down Broadway to the crowds of amazed on lookers. He was also responsible for the first animated Christmas windows at Macy’s.

Tony Sarg entertained and delighted fans until the age of 62 (February 17, 1942), when he passed away from complications of a ruptured appendix.

To learn more about Tony Sarg check out the extensive bio put together by The Twin Cities Puppeteers, www.tcpuppet.org


Publisher Universe (March 27, 2007)

ISBN-10 9780789315489

ISBN-13 978-0789315489