This Is Not My Hat - Thao Lam
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This Is Not My Hat

This Is Not My Hat

This Is Not My Hat

Ever taken something that was not yours? Keep reading…

This Is Not My Hat is the follow up to the award winning and hilarious I Want My Hat Back by author and illustrator Jon Klassen. This Is Not My Hat explores the dangers and consequences of taking what is not yours, when a very tiny little fish steals a very tiny little hat from a very big fish.

As he did in I Want My Hat Back, Jon Klassen doesn’t spell out the ending (in fact he leaves the last three spreads empty of text) but trusts his reader to come to his or her own conclusion.

Once again Jon Klassen does not disappoint his fans, This Is Not My Hat is beautifully executed in its simplicity both with the plot and the illustrations. To give the sense of deep dark sea the illustrations are set on dark black backgrounds with only seaweed to round out the setting. The transparency of the Chinese ink allows the black background to show through creating stunning textures, and a glow. The icing on the cake are the endpapers – they are just gorgeous! I wish they came as wallpaper.

Fishes don’t have any facial expressions but Jon’s cast of characters does an amazing job delivering deadpan expressions with just the subtle shift of their eyes. Jon captures great comedic timing with the pacing of the story all the way to the punch line.

This Is Not My Hat,a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author and Illustrator Jon Klassen
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Publisher Candlewick; First Edition edition (October 9, 2012)

ISBN-10 0763655996

ISBN-13 978-0763655990