The Lone Ranger - Thao Lam
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The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger_01

With a slight break in the hot weather I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon at the antique market. It’s important to size up your opponent when negotiating with vendors, and to bring your poker face. There is not much to my game plan; I tend to wear people out. I usually let the salesperson do all the talk, politely nodding here and there, followed up by humming and hahhing. It’s important not to show your eagerness for the item(s) and most importantly be willing to walk away. Nine times out of ten, they’ll chase you down the alley and hand you the item for a steal. I walked away with two 1st editions of The Lone Ranger (1956) and The Lively Little Rabbit (1943) (both belonging to the Little Golden Book series) for pennies. Keep reading…

First printed in 1956, The Lone Ranger was written by Steffi Fletcher and illustrated by E. Joesph Dreany. It’s a Wild West story packed with action; a classic tale of good guy verses bad guy. Joseph Dreany is a pulp fiction artist and is well known for illustrating Wild West stories. Realistic drawings of cowboys and Indians (I think the proper term is Native Americans or First Nations) set in what looks like a Montana backdrop. The pages of the book are tanned and faded since it was first printed in 1956 but the colours remain vibrantly pure.

The Lone Ranger, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

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Author Steffi Fletcher

I wasn’t able to find any information on Steffi Fletcher. If anyone out there has any info, please share.


Illustrator E. Joseph Dreany

(February 29th, 1908 to May 6th, 1961)

I was surprised to find out that Joseph Dreany was Canadian; he was born on February 29th, 1908 (a leap year) in North Bay, Ontario. Upon graduating he worked as a staff artist, lay outing newspaper advertisements. In 1946 he immigrated to Untied States and began illustrating juvenile adventure novels, pulp magazines and illustrated stories for Little Golden Books. Joseph Dreany passed away on May 6th, 1961 at the age of fifty-three.

Curious about his work, check out this website dedicated to pulp artists like Joseph Dreany

Publisher A Little Golden Book (1956)