The Frank Show - Thao Lam
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The Frank Show

The Frank Show

The Frank Show

I woke up this morning thinking about my life story. Not my failures and successes, but what stories I would pass on to my children and grandchildren. What wild mishaps and adventures would I tell? Sometimes I forget how old I am and how much of my life has already been written. After some reminiscing, I realized my life story lacks adventure and risk, I have a strong urge to go out and make up for it. Keep reading…

The need to take stock of my life was not triggered by a recent birthday, but by a reading of The Frank Show, written and illustrated by David Mackintosh. A little boy has to talk about one of his family members for show-and-tell, but his parents are too busy and his sister is only a baby, which leaves only one person, his Grandpa Frank. Grandpa Frank “doesn’t like noise, or today’s music, or gadgets and gizmos (or new things), or haircuts, or weather, or doctors, or any sort of ice cream that isn’t vanilla.” which leaves very little to talk about for show-and-tell. The Frank Show deals with the generation gap between a boy and his grandpa, with a valuable lesson that the longer you’ve been around, the more opportunities you had for wild adventures.

I find David Mackintosh’s work very inspiring. His combination of ink, pencil drawings, with paper collage and photos feels spontaneous but there is a sense of design. I love his colour pallet. David shows great restraint in his use of colours, leaving parts of his illustrations unfinished, which contributes to the stylization but also assists in the composition. Your eye follows the negative patches.

The Frank Show, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author and Illustrator David Mackintosh

David Mackintosh is my newest crush. His books have been a source of inspiration while working on my book. Exuberating with talented, David wears many creative hats; he is a graphic designer, art director and illustrator.

David Mackintosh born in Belfast and grew up in Australia. David Mackintosh may be shy with his personal life but he is very generous with sharing his artistic side, check out his work at


Publisher Abrams Books for Young Readers (August 1, 2012)

ISBN-10 1419703935

ISBN-13 978-1419703935