The Bunny Book - Thao Lam
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The Bunny Book

The Bunny Book

The Bunny Book

Over the summer I picked up Richard Scarry’s Look and Learn Library, a four-volume collection of his work. I’ll need a whole year to showcase everything. A whole year dedicated to Richard Scarry sounds like a perfect way to honor an illustrator that entertained and educated generations of children. Keep reading…

If you can’t get enough of cute fuzzy animals and Richard Scarry check out The Bunny Book. The Bunny Book was a collaboration with his wife Patsy Scarry. What will baby bunny be when he grows up? A policeman, a clown, a cowboy, everyone in the bunny family seems to have an idea but only baby bunny knows what he will grow up to be. Baby bunny will grow up to be a nice daddy: he will feed, play, read and tuck his children in at night. Though a little old fashioned the story reminds us that being a good parent is important, that it can be one of the toughest and most rewarding occupations.

The illustrations are a little old fashioned too which is not a surprise since it was first published in 1955. It took me three reads to notice Richard Scarry’s clever technique of illustrating thought bubbles. Whenever a family member is envisioning baby bunny’s future their vision is encased a cloud. Each cloud is cleverly embedded and part of the scene; smoke from dad’s pipe or steam from grandma’s tea kettle or the dust from aunt bunny’s sweeping.

The future is bright when you are a baby bunny and a young reader. The Bunny Book is a great introduction to a variety of occupations and possibilities. When I grow up I want to be a children’s book illustrator.

The Bunny Book, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author Patsy Scarry

Married to Richard Scarry, Patsy Scarry wrote many books during her career. Patsy Scarry also published under her maiden name Patricia Murphy. She met Scarry while collaborating on a textbook.


Illustrator Richard Scarry

(June 5th, 1919 to April 30th, 1994)

Richard Scarry was a private person and rarely gave interviews so there is not much in out there about Scarry. His work is more well known than the man himself.

What little I found about Richard Scarry was written up in last week’s showcase of Chipmunk’s ABC.


Publisher Golden Books (January 11, 2005)

ISBN-10 0375832246

ISBN-13 978-0375832246