The Baker's Dozen: A Counting Book - Thao Lam
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The Baker’s Dozen: A Counting Book

The Baker’s Dozen: A Counting Book

The Baker’s Dozen: A Counting Book

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My 2010 New Year’s resolution was to bake a pie every month, along with keeping fit and eating healthy. So far it’s been a challenge.

Baking a pie every month has been a hard resolution to keep and in order to keep my other two resolutions, I have been giving my pies away. So far I have baked five pies and made five friends fat and happy (and probably broke a multitude of other people’s resolutions in the process). Keep reading…

I LOVE BAKING. So it’s not a surprise I was drawn to The Baker’s Dozen: A Counting Book, written and illustrated by Dan Andreasen. It is a combination all my favorite things: éclairs, chocolate cakes, pies, sticky buns, cookies, jelly rolls, tarts, strudels, crispy treats, tortes, macaroons, and cupcakes. This book had my undivided attention. Told in simple one-line verses, it is a story about a baker who starts his morning early, giving much care and attention to every item he creates, from one éclair to a dozen cupcakes. What better way to entice children to learn how to count than to pack a book with mouthwatering illustrations?

Filled with warmth and charm, these oil paintings were done on gessoed illustration boards. Giddy with joy, the Baker’s facial expression radiates his love for baking. You can almost visualize him dancing around the kitchen, singing along with the banging and clanging of mixing bowls. It would be the icing on the cake if this book had been scratch-and-sniff.

The Baker’s Dozen: A Counting Book, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

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Author and Illustrator Dan Andreasen

I have been a fan of Mr. Andreasen for a while. His work reminds me of Norman Rockwell since his illustrations are filled with all-American goodness. A fine art major at Kent Sate, Andreasen started his career as a sculptor and illustrator for American Greetings Corporation. At 19, he was sculpting figurine and picture frame prototypes which were then shipped overseas to be mass-produced. Andreasen learned a valuable lesson while working at American Greetings, that he’d rather be painting than sculpting, and this prompted him to become a freelance illustrator.

Dan Andreasen is one of many talented illustrators repped by Kid Shannon. To check out his work, visit their website:

Publisher Henry Holt and Co. (BYR); First Edition edition (July 24, 2007)

ISBN-10 0805078096

ISBN-13 978-0805078091