Stanley Mows the Lawn - Thao Lam
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Stanley Mows the Lawn

Stanley Mows the Lawn

Stanley Mows the Lawn

Day 6 of the library strike. Librarians continue to march and negotiations have stalled. Frustration over the lack of agreement seems to soar with the temperature. It’s the middle of March and we have been breaking record highs. It won’t be long now before everything around us turns green again. Keep reading…

“The grass in Stanley’s yard had grown so tall that he couldn’t even see the toes of his boots.” Stanley Mows the Lawn, written and illustrated by Craig Frazier is the sequel to Stanley Goes for a Drive, which was previously showcase on B is for Books.

Like the first book, the sequel encourages readers to think outside the box and celebrate the imagination. Stanley discovers that a mundane job like mowing the lawn can turn into something extraordinary. Inspired by a snake named Hank, Stanley breaks from the straight and narrow and zig zags across the lawn with his mower.

Influenced by his training as a graphic designer, Craig Frazier’s work is crisp, clean and flat. There are plenty of vibrant shades of green on the pages of Stanley Mows the Lawn (even the sky is green!) so much so that you can almost smell the grass. Even with a limited colour palette, Craig uses textures and shapes to create appealing abstract imagery that would please any reader.

If this weather continues it won’t be long before the grass turns green and lush.

After months of wearing clunky winter boots, I am looking forward to walking barefoot across the lawn and sinking my toes in a soft bed of grass. For now I’ll just flip through my copy of Stanley Mows the Lawn and wait for the day to come (it won’t be long now).

Stanley Mows the Lawn, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author and Illustrator Craig Frazier

Keeping up with Craig Frazier can be exhausting…


Publisher Chronicle Books; Library Binding edition (April 14, 2005)

ISBN-10 0811848469

ISBN-13 978-0811848466