Six Men - Thao Lam
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Six Men

Six Men

Six Men

Six men search for a place to live and farm in peace. At last they find the land that they longed for. Soon they prosper. And, as their riches grew, so did their worries. Keep reading…

Written and illustrated by David McKee, Six Men is a tale of fear, greed, and misunderstanding. Sadly, this is not just fiction –, this is a story has been played out in our history many times.

Best known for his brightly coloured geometrical patterned art, McKee takes a stark turn with Six Men. Sharp black lines contrast against white, creating unusual viewpoints and compositions. Lines create wonderful patterns and textures. Inked in pen, David McKee’s art looks like a six-year old’s doodles with nothing in proportion or in perspective. Oddly enough though, these childlike drawings take a difficult concept and puts it into a visual perspective that young readers can relate to. In this sense, his illustrations succeed on commenting on war without referencing any bloodshed.

McKee doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects and believes that young readers do have the ability to grasp large concepts. Tolerance is a valuable lesson at any age.

Six Men, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author and Illustrator David McKee

British author and illustrator David McKee was born in 1935. While in school at Plymouth Art College David sold one-off cartoons to newspapers to make end meet.


Publisher NorthSouth (October 1, 2011)

ISBN-10 0735840504

ISBN-13 978-0735840508