Little Owl Lost - Thao Lam
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Little Owl Lost

Little Owl Lost

Little Owl Lost

Little Owl Lost_01

Annie and I both tower over our mom; petite in stature she is feisty and full of energy. No matter how much I have grown over the years, I still look up to her. I meant to post this blog last Sunday for Mother’s Day, but I miscalculated. One day of celebration is just not enough for a lady who is there for you everyday.

Love you mom!

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High above the trees, Little Owl falls out of his nest and lands with a bump. Lost without his mom, Little Owl goes searching. With the help of his new friend Squirrel, they search high and low for animals that fit the description of Little Owl’s mom. Some are very big like a bear, or have pointy ears like a rabbit, or big eyes like a frog, but none of them have all the features that make up his mom. Written and illustrated by Chris Haughton, Little Owl Lost will have you chiming along with the simple and repetitive verses, “That’s not my mommy.” every time Squirrel thinks he has found Little Owl’s mom.

Little Owl Lost has stylized art that looks like a mix between a woodblock and a cut paper collage. Working digitally, Haughton scans his sketches, adds colour, and moves the pieces around like paper cut outs until he is satisfied. The illustrations are graphic and flat but Haughton creates depth and intensity by overlaying complimentary colours. The saturated palette of festive colours, and the flat graphics reminds me of Scandinavian design, simple yet bold.

Little Owl Lost, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

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Author and Illustrator Chris Haughton

There is very little information on this Irish illustrator and picture book author. If anyone out there has any info on Chris Haughton, please share.

Meanwhile you can follow him on his blog or check out his art on his website

I am always tickled pink when an author or an illustrator, takes time out of their busy schedule to reply to a fan mail.

“…might like to see this its a ‘making of’ post in my blog…

i guess i could add that making the book was the most difficult illustrated project i have done… it looks quite simple but there is actually a lot of unseen work in picturebooks, editing is very difficult!!”

– Chris Haughton –


Publisher Candlewick; 1 edition (August 10, 2010)

ISBN-10 0763650226

ISBN-13 978-0763650223