Le crocodile - Thao Lam
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Le crocodile

Le crocodile

Le crocodile

Did you know that a crocodile goes through at least 3,000 teeth in its lifetime? Keep reading…

Les sciences naturelles de Tatsu Nagata is a French series of nature books written by Japanese scientist Tatsu Nagata and illustrated by French illustrator Thierry Dedieu. Each title focuses on an animal; the one I borrowed from the library is about crocodiles, Le crocodile.

The text and illustrations are minimalist, reduced to only the essential. Each double page spread contains a single fact about the crocodile and a very simple but humorous illustration (I actually burst out laughing in the middle of the library when I was flipping through the book).

Though this series of books looks simple, it is in fact smartly planned out. The attention to detail shows an understanding of their target audience. Most science books created for kids can look intimidating and feel like you are being force-fed facts. Les sciences naturelles de Tatsu Nagata looks like a book written by a child for a child; the font and illustrations looks hand drawn and are painted in vivid colours by a toddler.

Le crocodile, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author Tatsu Nagata

I am not sure if Tatsu Nagata is a really person or a pseudonym created by Thierry Dedieu. All the information I found on Tatsu Nagata was either in French or Japanese. I think something got lost in the translation but this is what I was able to decipher using google translate:

Tatsu Nagata is a renowned scientist recognized for his studies in the mutation of amphibians. Born in Japan and living on the island of Yaku, Tatsu is well into his 50’s and a member of the Tokyo Scientific Institute. Tatsu’s passion and enthusiasm for natural science lead him to create wildlife documentaries for children with the hope that children will discover and help preserve the natural world around them.


Illustrator Thierry Dedieu

My research on French illustrator Thierry Dedieu came up empty handed. If anyone out there has any info, please share.


Publisher Seuil (2 October 2006)

ISBN-10 2020892715

ISBN-13 978-2020892711