House Held Up By Trees - Thao Lam
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House Held Up By Trees

House Held Up By Trees

House Held Up By Trees

My friend Jori and her husband Craig just brought their first home. I am super happy for them as the place is beautiful and full of character, but I am also sad. It’s really far. We were practically neighbors but now we will be 700 kilometers apart. Keep reading…

As I was reading House Held Up By Trees, I couldn’t help but think about my friends at the beginning of their journey and all that lays ahead of them with their new home. House Held Up By Trees is written by Ted Kooser and illustrated by Jon Klassen. It beautifully captures the passage of time. When it was new, the house stood alone on a bare square of earth. Over time, the family and the land around them changes and shifts. Eventually the family outgrows the home and the surrounding woods slowly reclaim the land.

Reading House Held Up By Trees is like watching an animated short with all the different camera perspectives. This isn’t surprising as Jon Klassen was trained as an animator and worked on such animated movies like Coraline and Kung Fu Panda. The translucency of the inks creates amazing layers of colours and textures that peek through from underneath. There is a maturity and richness to the colour palette that fits the depth and content of the story. It is hard to pick a favorite but I think House Held Up By Trees is mine out of all Jon Klassen’s body of works.

House Held Up By Trees,a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author Ted Kooser

Born on April 25th, 1939 Ted Kooser is an American poet and essayist. After earning his BS at Iowa State University and his MA at the University of Nebraska, Ted went on to working in the life insurance sector for many years. He did not pursue a career in writing until after his retirement in 1999. His book Delights & Shadows won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Ted Kooser served as the Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 2004 to 2006. He is also the Presidential Professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Illustrator Jon Klassen

Other books illustrated by Jon Klassen; I Want My Hat Back, This Is Not My Hat, and Extra Yarn

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Publisher Candlewick (March 27, 2012)

ISBN-10 0763651079

ISBN-13 978-0763651077