Gone Fishing - Thao Lam
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Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

I’ve gone fishing and will be back once all the snow melts and the temperature is above zero degrees. Keep reading…

While I am away, I leave you with something different. Last fall, my friends Raigan and Mare spent one month in Japan and came back with several suitcases filled with souvenirs. Among the tons of Japanese goodies we received, there were two children’s books. Sweet!

I can’t tell you much about the books because there is not a trace of English in them, but I can at least show you (this is the wonder of illustrations, because they let you fill in the blanks when the words are missing). Both books are filled with odd characters, drawn in a cartoon style. In fact the illustrations look like stills from an animated movie. Perhaps there was a film based on a children’s book? Or maybe the books are documenting the making of the movie? Anyone out there who can read Japanese, feel free to leave a comment and solve the mystery for me.