Follow the Line - Thao Lam
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Follow the Line

Follow the Line

Follow the Line

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——————– Follow the Line—————————————————————————–
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Follow the line as it loops, curves and makes its way through the big city, across the ocean, up high in the sky, through the forest and into the little village. Written and illustrated by Laura Ljungkvist, Follow the Line is an interactive book that encourages readers to participate by tracing their finger along a line as it winds its way through the story. It also makes a great counting book, since it’s packed with so many shapes, colours and images. Children will never be bored rereading this book, as there are so many way to explore it; simply follow the text or the line, and see where it takes you. It’s a great choice for parents and kids to reach together: play “I spy”, ask questions, compare and discover together. Follow the Line will keeping little ones entertained on those long car rides or flights.

In the simple yet clever design, Ljungkvist uses lines and shapes to create rhythm and patterns. The art is clean and graphic with splashes of bold colours, and the look of it kind of reminds me of Ikea and its design style. I love how one simple line becomes the star of not only the story but also the composition, leading the reader on a visual journey. I admire the attention to detail and how the line stays connected as you move from the front cover to the very last page. Very rarely do you see a solid black cover sitting on a kid’s book shelf, but it works here, and because of the unusual colour, it stands out against its competitors.
Follow the Line, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

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I am always tickled pink when an author or an illustrator, takes time out of their busy schedule to reply to a fan mail. Laura Ljungkvist has generously sent me a copy of an early sketch of the city spread, as seen above and her comments on the making of Follow the Line.

“Here is a sketch of the “city spread” from Follow The Line. This was an the accordion fold dummy that I made around 1995… I had bought a typewriter and I went to a “Copy place” down my block in Manhattan to copy the text onto the colored paper. Joy Peskin at VIKING children’s books and I hit it off and she wanted to publish my book. The accordion fold turned out to be an undoable thing. Pulled out, it was longer then most rooms… (can you imagine the libraries?) It was Joy that suggested adding the colored shapes and counting questions. WE had a very good working relationship. An editor can/should be your best friend when you’re working on a book. There are 2 other line books and the 3rd is coming out next year. This was a good beginning book to build on. Basic, simple, IKEA!”

– Laura Ljungkvist –

Laura Ljungkvist is sooo awesome!!!

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Author and Illustrator Laura Ljungkvist

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, Laura Ljungkvist attended attended RMI-Berghs Communication Institute Stockholm. Upon graduation, she worked for advertising agancies, design firms and magazines. Her first Follow the Line dummy was an accordion fold with just a black line and no colour shapes at all. It took a while for Ljungkvist join the digital age; while everyone was creating flat colour shapes using the computer, Ljungkvist was painting with gouache (and for those who didn’t attend art school, creating smooth flat and crisp clean lines in gouach was a pain in the butt). Now she works digitally, creating crisp clean shapes with the huge library of patterns and textures she can select from.

To find out more about Laura Ljungkvist, please visit her website:

Publisher Viking Juvenile (May 4, 2006)

ISBN-10 0670060496

ISBN-13 978-0670060498