Everyone Poops - Thao Lam
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Everyone Poops

Everyone Poops

Everyone Poops

Everyone Poops 01

(Insert awkward giggling.) I’m sure you’re not anxious to hear my p_ _ p stories. (Is anyone else feeling flushed?). What?!? Everyone does it. (Insert more awkward giggling.) Keep reading…

Critics can be harsh. A book review can say a lot about the reviewer’s personality, beliefs, generation, cultural and social values. On the subject of poop, most of the reviews I read for Everyone Poops, written and illustrated by Taro Gomi, were not kind. Many critics were uncomfortable with discussing and condoning such a taboo subject.

Everyone Poops is essentially plotless. The book goes through a series of comparisons among a group of different animals, with questions and discussions of the colour, shape and size of each animal’s poop. The art and text is simple and straightforward, leaving nothing to the imagination. The point is to teach readers a basic principle of biology: every animal (including humans) eats and, therefore, they must poop.

I don’t think Gomi’s intentions were to make anyone uncomfortable, and it wasn’t just to be different or sensational. I think his goal was quite the opposite, in fact, and that he wanted to teach kids that no subject is closed for discussion (of course, there is a time and place); from politics to poop, communication is important. Most importantly, we are no different from one another.

Everyone Poops, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

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Author and illustrator Taro Gomi

With more than 400 books to his name, Taro Gomi is one of Japan’s best-known illustrators and writers. Born in Tokyo, on August 20, 1945, Gomi graduated from Kuwazawa Design Institute. The simplicity of his art and the straightforwardness of his writing manner allow him to cross cultural barriers. With works widely translated into other languages, Gomi has many overseas fans, ranging from the ages of 1 to 101.


Publisher Kane/Miller Book Pub; 1 edition (March 1, 1993)

ISBN-10 0916291456

ISBN-13 978-0916291457