Dear Diary - Thao Lam
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Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Dear Diary_01

I kept a journal as a kid, which I poured all my teenage angst into. Anger, gossip, heartbreaks, embarrassing moments, the best days and the worst days of my teenage years all recorded. The pages of my journals were a jumbled mess of thoughts and feelings. I burned them years later not wanting a reminder of what a drama queen I was. It’s best to leave the past buried, or cremated if you have a nosy sister. Keep reading…

Dear Diary is a chaotic mess that overwhelms the senses; the pages are cluttered with images and text created by Sara Fanell. It is a collection of diary entries contributed by some unusual characters, a little girl named Lucy, a Chair, a Spider, a Firefly, a Knife and Fork, a dog named Bubu and a Ladybug. Each entry is handwritten on various kinds of paper (notebook, graph paper and ledger) with the handwriting reflecting the personality of each character. Handwritten, the text becomes part of the image, adding to the layers of patterns and textures. These collage illustrations are created using every medium under the sun, cut and paste, painted, scribbles and doodles, even embroidery. To be honest, I thought the illustrations screamed for your attention while the story played second fiddle. For such an unusual cast of characters I thought the diary entries would be more interesting. I didn’t enjoy the story much; it was odd but not odd enough to make it captivating.

Dear Diary, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

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Author and Illustrator Sara Fanell

There is very little information on author and illustrator Sara Fanell but I did stubble across an interview she did with Steven Hellier, Sara Fanell’s discussion with Steven Hellier gives fans an in depth looks into her work and creative thought process.

To see more of Sara Fanell’s work, check out her website

Publisher Candlewick (April 1, 2000)

ISBN-10 076360965X

ISBN-13 978-0763609658