Cat's Night Out - Thao Lam
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Cat’s Night Out

Cat’s Night Out

Cat’s Night Out

I have no rhythm and can’t keep a beat. Even after two years of Salsa lessons I still step on people’s toes and trip over mine. Keep reading…

Cat’s Night Out written by Caroline Stutson and illustrated by Jon Klassen is my least favorite book out of all Jon Klassen’s books. I find the illustrations really dark and visually hard to read. I totally understand the reason behind the dark tones (the story takes place at night) but all the things I love about Jon Klassen’s work, like the texture, get lost in the low light. On some pages it is really hard to read the black text against the dark background.

Cat’s Night out is a counting book about city cats dancing the night away, doing the tango, rumba, twist, fox trot, and more. It is not your ordinary counting book, it teaches young readers the concept of counting by two. Caroline Stutson does an amazing job of rhyming the text. The rhyming text supports the musical aspect of the story and captures the beat of the different kinds of dance styles. Cat’s Night Out is perfect for reading out loud and will keep readers engaged with “How many cats will dance tonight?’ interjected throughout the book, encouraging readers to count the number of cats and search for the hidden number on each spread. Cat’s Night Out is both entertaining and educational!

Cat’s Night Out,a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author Caroline Stutson

Born in New York City, Caroline Stutson earned her BA in theater from the University of Denver and her degree in early childhood education from the Metropolitan State College in Denver. Caroline was a kindergarten teacher before she became an author, puppeteer and storyteller.

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Illustrator Jon Klassen

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Publisher Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books (Mar 23 2010)

ISBN-10 1416940057

ISBN-13 978-1416940050