Along A Long Road - Thao Lam
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Along A Long Road

Along A Long Road

Along A Long Road

My hearts races every time I ride my bike in the city. The thought of going up against vehicles that can snap me in two frightens me. Between you and me, I unusually say a little prayer before heading out, and thank my lucky stars when I arrive at my destination in one piece. Keep reading…

Along A Long Road, written and illustrated by Frank Viva, is stunning in its simplicity. The book is one single continuous panel depicting a bike ride along a yellow road. Frank Viva takes us along the countryside, through a town, into a busy city, and back out to the seaside. Trace your finger on the vibrant yellow road and see where it leads you. With very few words, the narrative is driven entirely by the illustrations. Computer generated imagery with minimal colours. Frank uses just four colours in addition to the cream colour of the paper: red, yellow ochre, black and steel blue. All the colours are mat except for the yellow road printed in gloss.

Influenced by his graphic design background (Frank Viva is the principle of a branding and design studio, Viva & Co.) Frank’s illustrations are made up of strong geometric shapes. Frank’s depiction of the cyclist is pretty cool; the rider’s limbs seem to melt into the frame of the bike. It feels like a visual commentary on his passion for cycling, both rider and bike are so in tune with each other that they are drawn as one entity.

Along A Long Road,a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author and Illustrator Frank Viva

According to the book jacket, Frank Viva has “cycled his way along the streets of New York, through the desert of India, up the hills of Ireland, under the Moroccan stars, and around the vineyards of France and Italy.” Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Viva is an award-winning designer and illustrator; Along A Long Road is his first children’s book inspired from his love of cycling. Frank Viva lives in Toronto and rides his bike to work every day, an impressive 8 km commute. Cycling through the streets of Toronto every day probably provided him with plenty of visual inspiration for the book.

This book even has its own website, which you can visit


Publisher Little Brown Books for Young Readers; 1 edition (June 28, 2011)

ISBN-10 0316129259

ISBN-13 978-0316129251