All By Myself! - Thao Lam
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All By Myself!

All By Myself!

All By Myself!

Last Wednesday on my way to swimming lessons a wide grin spread across my face when I noticed the lights were on in the library. After 10 days of negotiations both sides have reached a deal. Phew!

I wasn’t quite panicking as the strike rolled into day 10. Owlkids Books had generously sent me enough books to last for another week or two, had the strike continued. Keep reading…

Among the books was All by myself!, written by Geraldine Collet and illustrated by Coralie Saudo. “It’s a plucky tale about cooperation and independence told from the perspective of five baby chicks left alone in a chicken coop for a day.” This story was originally told in French but the concept is universal. Everyone can relate to fear. We have all been there! Worry escalated to frantic speculation when we were separated from our parents, followed by the rush of relief when they came back.

The illustrations are pretty neat. Done in mix media, Coralie Saudo takes rocks she has found during her walks on the beach and paints them. The bodies of the little chicks are made out of rocks while their feet, hair, and wings are drawn on digitally. Coralie takes pictures of the rocks once they are painted and using the computer, she combines the photos with other scanned materials or digital images to create an intriguing montage. The whole process sounds elaborate but the end result is worth it.

All by myself!, a children’s book review by Thao Lam

Author Geraldine Collet

Geraldine Collet is a beloved children’s book author in her native French. Before embarking on a career as a writer, Geraldine was a history teacher and a world traveler. She began writing after the birth of her two daughters. Geraldine currently resides in Saint-Quentin, France.


Illustrator Coralie Saudo

Currently living in Ireland, this French native began her career as a web designer. While she still works in the industry, illustration has given her another avenue to express her creativity. As part of her creative process Coralie spends a lot of time on the beach collecting rocks to incorporate into her illustrations.

Curious about Coralie, check out her website and blog: and


Publisher Owlkids Books (March 13, 2012)

ISBN-10 1926973127

ISBN-13 978-1926973128